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"Comprehensive Remote and Onsite Support Solutions for Healthcare Organizations"

We help you find success in a complex healthcare system.
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Based in Colorado as an experienced MSP for healthcare and businesses Computer Concepts Inc. provides IT managed services, application support, cybersecurity services, onsite field services, IT staff augmentation, and vCIO services to medical offices, ambulatory centers, rural hospitals, and roaming provider care groups


In addition to onsite support, we also offer remote support. This allows IT experts to remotely access and manage the healthcare organization's systems and infrastructure. Remote support enables quick response times and efficient problem-solving, as IT professionals can diagnose and resolve issues without physically being present at the location. This saves time and resources while ensuring that critical systems remain operational.

1. Network Infrastructure Management

2. Data Backup and Recovery

3. Cybersecurity Solutions

By partnering with Computer Concepts Inc., healthcare organizations can enhance their IT capabilities, improve patient care, and safeguard sensitive data.

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