About Us

Based in Colorado as an experienced MSP for healthcare groups Computer Concepts Inc. provides IT managed services to medical offices, ambulatory centers, rural hospitals, and roaming provider care groups.

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Services include application support, data security and compliance management, cloud migration, HIPAA compliance, risk assessment, integrating new applications into IT systems, monthly reporting, data backup and disaster recovery, as well as ongoing IT support.

Vendors supported Include:

Allscripts, Aprima, Athena, Cerner, CPSI, ECW, Epic, GE, Kareo,  Nexgen, Nextech, MicroMD, and many more...

Building Not Replacing
The first step is to determine what the problems are


Our team of experts will :

Discuss the technology issues experienced by the staff including clinical, managers, support groups, and others.

This includes performing a discovery of what technologies are being used, how they are implemented, what works, and what doesn't.


Perform a review of current infrastructure to help identify single points of failure.

Discuss EHR problems to include interfaces, changes of staff, training, security, and workflows.


Secure an affordable options

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Quality service with secure and affordable pricing options.


Healthcare is under constant change, with both regulatory and Insurance groups influencing how we provide patient care. Our extensive experience has assisted many organizations in decreasing costs, increasing patient levels of care, ensuring compliance, and identifying EHR misconfigurations. 

We can effectively offer solutions to medical groups that other MSPs not focused on our industry may not be aware of.